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waiting for fix from zonelabs! After no probelm for ages, my system was hanging when I started Outlook Express due to vsmon.exe process taking 99%. yes, it takes up memory with the time running... If this was the ZoneAlarm firewall the name column would be TrueVector Important: Some malware camouflages itself as vsmon.exe, particularly when located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder.

probably a memory leak genious_2k1 seems to be doing a scheduled virus scan David Martin Vector System Monitor, its useless to stop emailchecking / antivirus - option cause vsmon.exe is essential hute Listen, there is a virus that names itself to vsmon.exe - if you dont have ZoneAlarm installed, your infected with a virus, if you do have it installed, your fine. CatFlanges I had been using Zone Alarm Pro for about 4 years with no problems then I installed ETrust Internet Security Suite from CA which apparently uses Zone Alarms engine, I Hans Dieter zone alarm!! http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/vsmon.exe.html

Don't complain if you have pirated version!! That causes the memory and CPU usage to raise sky high. BTW I still love ZA and recommend it to everyone I meet and all my customers because it offers the best protection in the biz. Probably ok but uses a whole bunch of memory...

Some cases say that the problem just > disappears.>> Very frustrating and I would be grateful if someone has any ideas. Great program, or at least it used to be.. This is not the responsibility of firewall and it should not be doing it. wrong.

happens only very rarely Sam Make sure that you do not have MailSafe enabled in ZoneAlarm. Clear all check boxes left behind. anyway I found it's NOT related with ZA security threats. People who say it is dangerous are just trying to get you to turn your firewall off.

So if you look at task manager everything seems ok when in reality it isn't. You can't really see when the program searches for viruses. I have 2 vsmon processes running at the same time, so I guess one of them is a virus... Even if you don't have ZoneAlarm or ZoneAlarm Pro run at start-up you do need this "Zone Alarm" definitely not required.

Quote mellamoandy: "ZA firewall file, duh if its doing a virus scan its going to take cpu resources, disable the Anti Virus monitoring if you dont like it.. It uses a lot of CPU resources and I would recommend NOT using it. If you DON'T have ZoneAlarm, kill it very, very, VERY quickly b/c it's malware. it only takes 30 mins.

Benjamin This is a legimate service, so I don't find anything on this service, the only thing that you'll don't like is that computers with less than 256 mb. Keith This is a real shit this firewall ZoneAlarm... Memory leaks possible. maybe it´s a bug or something like that.

Kevin I have Zone Alarm Installed on a File Server. It also gets into a fail loop if I use the 'TOR Project' software. if u dont want it to eat p ram / cpu then turn of the anti spyware automatic scan and if it blocks ur internet explorer then go into program controls Stiff_monkey ZoneAlarm.

Skywalker this file seems to be from ZoneAlarm. You do loose the control of giving programs acces or not, but it helps. It is slowing the hell out of my laptop..

can cause issues if the database files for the program are corrupt.

Same program on my work-PC runs just fine. you can not kill the task under winxp.. I also do regular Virus checks (updated>> daily) and Spyware checks using 3 different apps. Yes I do have the latest version.

It is not a Windows system file. Chris associated with Zone Alarm internet monitoring. I uninstalled version six, went back to 5.5 problems went away. The time now is 04:00 AM. ©2003-2016 Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

See also: Link Özi Sahini Vector System Monitor See also: Link Özi zonealarm POS when u have multiple internet connection (in or out) it will suck up processing power, don't matter Many spy's were running at one time. Stiff_monkey ZoneAlarm. dstructaoflamerz Anything that crashes your system is dangerous, maybe time to look for a new free firewall It is a ZoneAlarm file, it drains cpu if u run a scan...

I'm using Zonealarm 3.0 serig switching off the automatic update function in ZoneAlarm seems to stop the cpu and memory problems on my machine solution Part of ZoneAlarm. Warning 2: The workaround method may make your computer more vulnerable to malicious attacks by hackers and malware programs, such as virus and spyware. Nicolas It has a specific location and there are viruses that plant a file of this name in the main WINNT directory. Yes I do have the latest version.

John Doe I don't really care what this process is but it doesn't take any cpu of my computer Opinioer Disable antivirus/spyware protection and product updates and it seems to reduce I presumed it was an issue with a windows update. Until I have to restart ZoneAlarm. If mp3, movie and program downloads from other computers on network, it is unsafe Viagra part of zone alarm.

Manually running the 2 searches seems to be less taxing on my cpu then the automatic one. Uses Increased RAM when running Virus Scan. Chuck McVey Zone Alarm virus-scan & monitor. beowulf Zone Alarm Pro File.

slapnuts I m using Zone Alarm pro 6 and it still has the memory leak problem. In the Edit Multi-String dialog box, add W3SVC to the list in the Value Data box and then click the OK button. There is a virus/worm (WORM_RBOT ) that exists in a file with the name vsmon.exe. They recommend re-installing the firewall, but this doesn't help.

KingArthur10 This file is part of Zone Alarms firewall, however it is linked to Virus and Spyware Scanning in the Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite. Yarosh It hogs memory - up to 50 megs and at times even more. Uses 4,408K on this Win2000Pro machine with 512Megs of ram.